Der VFTH e.V. präsentiert Forschungsergebnisse gewonnen aus Daten erfasst mit smart medication



WFH 2012

World Congress in Paris (July 8-12, 2012)

smart medication™ - a new telemetric smartphone application for monitoring and evaluation of hemophilia home treatment

W. MONDORF, H. POLLMANN, B. SIEGMUND, D. SCHMOLDT and A. RÖSCH; Haemostas, Frankfurt; ITH–Institut für Thrombophilie und Hämostaseologie, Münster; Philipps-Universität, Marburg, Germany


Poster Num.: PO-MO-015


Smart Medication - a new telemetric smartphone application for monitoring and evaluation of hemophilia home treatment
Hemophilia A and B are rare diseases and require medical care in specialized treatment centers. Because of long distances between patients and hemophilia center, telemedicine may be helpful to bring the right patient to the right doctor. Bleeding or treatment problems, usually reported during consultation at the hemophilia center, may be identified earlier and close to when they occur. Automated documentation and online analysis of the data is less time consuming and helps to avoid documentation errors.
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GTH Tagung 2012 


Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Thrombose- und Hämostaseforschung (GTH). 01.-04. Februar 2012, St. Gallen/Schweiz

"Improved surveillance of haemophilia home treatment using a telemetric smartphone application"


D. Schmoldt, A. Rösch (Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany)

W. Mondorf (Haemostas, Frankfurt, Germany)

H. Pollmann, B. Siegmund  (ITH – Institut für Thrombophilie und Hämostaseologie, Münster)


Poster Num.: P2-59


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Improved surveillance of haemophilia home treatment using a telemetric smartphone application
Documentation of hemophilia home treatment is usually done by analysis of paper based substitution calendars. Transferring the written entries into a database is time consuming and bears the possibility of errors. Bleeding or treatment problems are often identified months later than they occur following regular patient consultations. In contrast, telemetric tools allow real-time surveillance of treatment and bleeding episodes as well as automated online analysis of these data.
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